Gitanjali Gems established in 1966, in India's famous diamond market of Surat. Gitanjali Gems is a whole sale and retail diamond provider. Customer satisfaction is what the company aims at. Being in the market of jewels for year and maintaining a good reputation between tough competitors is not an easy job. Gitanjali Gems Ltd. has been in the market for years with end number of loyal customers vouching on Gitanjali Gems for their excellent quality of Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry. The chairman of Gitanjali Gems Mehul Choksi is a well known face in the jewel market. His dedication and hard work has helped the Gitanjali Gems to reach at the top of the chart. The stocks of Gitanjali Gems have always been one of the fastest increasing stock value stocks.

Gitanjali Gems have not only been known by the people of India but their popularity has reached all the way to USA, UK, Belgium, Italy and the Middle East to Thailand, South East Asia China, and Japan. The four leading jewelry brands in India are under Gitanjali Gems umbrella.